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The STudy OF all exIsTence
Barry H. Rodrigue
A legacy OF TransFOrmaTIOn
Lowell Gustafson
ThInk cOsmIcally, acT glOBally
Nobuo Tsujimura and Hirofumi Katayama
The graPhIc shOrT sTOry
Andrew Lunt with Joshua Gauthier
a very shOrT hIsTOry OF The russIan Far easT
Nikolay Kradin
savIng a FragIle legacy
Priya Sundarrajan
ecOlOgIcal cOncerns In asIan scrIPTures
Stephen Chundamthadam
The naTure OF Our cOnscIOusness
Orla O’Reilly Hazra
PlayFul educaTIOn In a PlayFul unIverse
Prashant Olalekar
BuIldIng jusT and susTaInaBle cOmmunITIes
M. Paloma Pavel and Carl Anthony
raIsIng cOnscIOusness aBOuT Our cOgnITIve challenges
Peter J. Whitehouse
chIld welFare as a cOmPOnenT OF culTural evOluTIOn
James Tierney
a wesT aFrIcan vIew OF BIg hIsTOry
Vital Sounouvou
sacred ecOlOgy and TransFOrmaTIve cOnscIOusness In hInduIsm
Rana P.B. Singh
PaThs TO BIg hIsTOry
David Christian
scIenTIFIc hIsTOry and The muslIm wOrldvIew
David Blanks
FrOm aTOms TO aTman
Barry Wood
a lITTle way TO BIg hIsTOry
Ekaterina Sazhienko
The emergenT unIverse OraTOrIO
Sam and Paula Guarnaccia
a new cOnscIOusness Is arrIvIng
Subhash Sharma
an InTervIew wITh yuval nOah hararI
Sun Yue
FrIends OF creaTIOn
Lumnesh Swaroop Kumar
TOuchIng The grand FaTher aPPle Tree
Ananta Kumar Giri
drIvIng hOme FrOm BelFasT
Gary Lawless
agaInsT all Odds
Jill Schneiderman
Brijesh Singh
Nanao Sakaki
Journey of the unIverse
Mary Evelyn Tucker
a FOOT On The earTh
Peter Merkelovitch Graham
a chIldren’s sTOry OF scIence and emOTIOn
Erika Gronek
the deep tIMe Journey netWork
FIreFlIes and ITs arT
Nature, Ecology and Society
Rashida Atthar