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Genesis and Relevance of the Journal
Quantum Mechanics: Applied to Consciousness
Mathew Chandrankunnel
Quantum Consciousness
Amrit Goswami
The Quantum RNA/DNA Theory of Cosmos and Consciousness
Ernest Rossi and Kathryn Rossi
Concept of Consciousness in Philosophy and Neuroscience
Mukundan, C.R., Priyanka, K.
Cognition and Consciousness as manifested in the quantum model of reality realized by using Clifford algebra.
Elio Conte
Towards A New Geometry of Consciousness
Subhash Sharma
The Nondual Nature of Consciousness-Hypothesis of a special case of spiritual practice
Klaus Itta
Meditation:-A Tool to Tame Consciousness
Geshe Nyima Tashi
The Objective Character of Experience: Crossing the Psycho-Physical Quantum Bridge
Richard L. Amoroso
Set and Group Theories in the Transformation of Consciousness from an Ericksonian Hypnotherapeutic Perspective
Bruce Gregory
Abbe De Faria - First to Explain Hypnotism
Shridhar Sharma
A Comparative Study on Altered States of Consciousness in Clinical Hypnosis and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
Shitika Chowdhary, Jini K Gopinath
Quantum Mechanics as Reality or Potentiality from A Psycho-Biological Perspective
F. K. Jansen
The Blueprint of Personality Model of Mind– A New Paradigm Integrating Consciousness and Behavior.
Ulf Sandström1, Fredrik Praesto and Anna Hildenbrand Wachtmeister
Heidegger’s Quantum Phenomenology
François-Igor Pris
Is Quantum Physics Relevant for the Mind-Brain Problem?
Javier Sánchez-Cañizares
Tools for Transformation: In search of an ideal Skill Set of Psychotherapies
Nitin Sukla
Quantum Field Theory, Consciousness and Jainism
Surendra Singh Pokharna
Mind May Consist of Tachyons
Syamala D Hari
Transformation in Action
Theatre and Tragedy Between Rite and Performance
Fabio Tolledi
Transformation Through Theatre
Transformation In Action (Photos)
Quntum Conciousness Conference at Amal jyothi college Engineering Kanijirappally, Kerala, India. (Photos)
The Transformation of Consciousness Team
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