Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. C R Mukundan

Prof. Mukundan is an Emeritus Professor, NIMHANS and presently the Director, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Gujarat Forensic University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. He is the pioneer in Forensic Research in India and developed labs and techniques for forensic investigations. He has written many research articles and guided many doctoral and master’s research

Prof. Dr. Dirk Revenstorf MD

Dr. Revenstorf is the director of the Milton Erickson Society, University of Tuebingen, Germany. He also works for the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry at Munich, Germany as well in the Universities of California, USA, Israel and Mexico. He conducts workshops and seminars on Couple Counselling, Hypnosis, Dream etc. He is also the German – Chinese Academy for Psychotherapy. He is also an Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Tuebingen, Germany.

Prof. Dr. Enrico Facco MD

Prof. Facco is professor of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at the University of Padua, Italy. He is also a specialist in neurology and expert in pain therapy, hypnosis and clinical acupuncture. He has conducted numerous studies on com , alterations of consciousness , brain death , hypnosis , the headaches , chronic pain and preoperative anxiety . He is the author of Near-Death Experiences ( Altravista , 2010) and more than 250 scientific publications.

Prof. Dr. Elio Conte

Prof. Conte is the Director, The School of Advanced International Studies for Applied Theoretical and non Linear Methodologies in Physics, University of Bari, Italy. Pioneer in applying Quantum Mechanics to Cognition and evolved the field Quantum Cognition. Many articles on Quantum Cognition are presented in refereed international journals.

Professor Richard L. Amoroso

Prof. Amoroso is the Director - Noetic Advanced Studies Institute - Physics Lab, Oakland, California USA. He was the chairman of many distinguished conferences and gave key note addresses such as 2007 (Chairman) 6th International Symposium in Honor of Jean-Pierre Vigier, in conjunction with CASYS07, 6-11 August, Liege, Belgium; 2008 (Cochairman, Keynote speaker) Unified Theories: The 2nd Metatheory Symposium, Budapest, Hungary. 2009 (Keynote Speaker) Symposio International Saude Quantico, 27-29 Novembro, Recife, Brazil; 2010 (Keynote speaker) Cutting Edge Energy & Advanced Propulsion Research, Society for Scientific, Exploration, !0-12 June, Boulder, Colorado USA; 2010 (Chairman) Search for Fundamental Theory; 7th International Symposium in Honor of Jean-Pierre, Vigier, 12-14 July, Imperial College London; 2011 (Keynote Speaker) 2nd Symposio International Saude Quantico, 16-18 September, Recife, Brazil. Wrote many books and written many articles, received awards like 2005 Faculty of Medicine Vassouras Medical College, Rio de Janeiro, Certificate to honor contributions to noetic medicine; 2005 University Center of FERP, Transpersonal Psychology, Volta Redonda, Rio de, Janeiro, Award Certificate for contribution to Transpersonal Psychology, 2005 1st Place Winner, 1st Annual Poetry Contest, Razzos Rocket Pizza, Oakland, CA; 2010 Telesio-Galilei Gold Medal, Pecs University, Pecs, Hungary.

Prof. Sridhar Sharma,

MD, FRC, Psy(Lond), DPM, FRANZCP (Australia), DFAPA, FAMS, Emeritus Professor, National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.

Prof. Dr. Sudhir V. Shah,

MD, DM, Director Neuro-Sciences, Sterling Hospital, Ahmeddabad, Gujarat, India.

Dr. Erik Mansagar,

Family Counseling Services, Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr. Milton J. Bennet,

Intercultural Development Research Institute, Milan, Italy.

Dr. Christina Doctore MD,

former Surgeon General, Sweden

Dr. Natalia Markova,

Director of Humanities, State University of Vladimir, Russia.

Dr. Sibichen Mathew IRS,

Bangalore, India.

Sunny Vettom,

Entrepreneur, Pala, Kerala, India.

Fredrik Praesto,

Hypnotist-Inspirer, Stockholm, Sweden

Prof.K.G.Satheeshkumar M Tech,

HOD Electrical and Electronics Eng., Amal Jytothi Eng. College, Kanjirappally, Kerala, India

Geshe Nyima Tashi,

Director of Dharma and Science Centre, Sera Je Monastery, Bylekuppa, Karnataka, India.

Vinod Menon

Art of Living, Bangalore